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VX 235 Features at a Glance:
Outdoor - Speed, Distance, Heart Rate*, Sprints, Zones, Impacts, Jumps, Force & Step Reports

Indoor - Average Speed, Distance, Travel Rate, Heart Rate*, Impacts, Jumps, Force & Step Reports

GPS 10Hz Swiss high precision chip — Sampled at 10 times per second
Heart Rate Wireless heart rate detection of Bluetooth LE coded 2.4GHz digital (with additional VX Sport strap)
• 3 axis accelerometers (VX95, VX235, VX350) – logged at 104Hz per channel, for continuous body force monitoring (USB downloadable file only).
• 3 axis magnetometers & gyroscope; updated at 18Hz on each axis body force (VX235, VX350)
Battery Built in rechargeable Lithium battery with capacity of up to 8 hours

Please contact us for pricing - solly@sportsworkz.com